alkupalat ja jälkiruuatá la carte

Manon lunch and dinner restaurant

Our kitchen is closed during July 2015.

A la carte


Tapas plate 7,50€

marinated: olives, garlic, vegetables, mushrooms

- Roasted bread

Nacho plate       8€

-   with cheddar cheese sauce and jalapeño

- smetana, salsa and guacamole dips

Garlic bread         2 pcs /4€    4 pcs /7€

-          roasted bread with cheese and garlic

Main course

BBQ chicken a la Mano 16€

-Barbeque sauce, grilled chicken breast, seasons vegetables served with cold ranch sauce

Club sandwich

-          roasted bread, crispy bacon, salad, cheddar cheese, tomatoes

-          grilled chicken 10,5€

-          ham 9,50€

Manoburger 12,50€

-          100g home-made beefsteak

-          cheddar cheese, bacon, salad, pickled cucumbers tomatoes, mayonnaise

Snacking plate 17€/2чел

-          French fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, cheese-stuffed jalapeño, fried vegetables, 2 sauces.

-          Meatballs or falafel balls, Chinese wonton vegetarian or shellfish.

Pizza of the day 8,50€

-          2 toppings

-          extra topping 1€, garlic is free of charge

Potatoes of your choice:

French fries, chopped potatoes, boiled potatoes, potatoes of the day

Children menu

Wieners with french fries 6,50€

Meatballs with french fries 7,50€

Pizza with 2 toppings 6€


Ice-cream        6,50€

chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cubes

whisped cream and chocolate sauce

Children ice-cream   4€

1 ice-cream cube, jam and colorful toppings

Dessert of the day 5€